16 Sept – Parliament House Talk

September 16, 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lee Kuan Yew, our Founding father.

I consider myself fortunate to be present here today, right in the Parliament House where Mr. Lee made crucial decisions that shaped our nation.

Commenced my morning in the Parliament House garden alongside a representative from ISCA.

Fortuitously, I received an invitation from ISCA to deliver a presentation and engage in a pre-budget discussion with the dynamic members of the Young Professionals Advisory Committee. The focal point of this dialogue was to explore the implications of AI on the professional landscape, and this insightful conversation transpired within the distinguished setting of the ruling party’s dining room.

The youthful accountants openly expressed their apprehensions while also adopting a forward-looking approach. Several valuable suggestions were presented for additional deliberation.

The discourse proceeded smoothly and concluded precisely as planned.

Subsequent to that, we embarked on a brief tour of the Parliament House, during which we were provided with a briefing on the standard procedures involved in a parliamentary discussion.

Concluded this marvelous morning by visiting this picturesque spot worthy of sharing on Instagram.