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Delighted to be living in an era characterized by the remarkable advancements in technology, where even the process of analyzing trends has become remarkably simplified through the utilization of LLaVA: Large Language and Vision Assistant (version 1.5-13b).

To access this powerful tool, you can follow just two straightforward steps:

  1. Begin by uploading the image of interest.
  2. Subsequently, enter the appropriate prompt or question.

I wish to extend my special gratitude to https://llava.hliu.cc/ for making this resource available on the HuggingFace platform. The research paper and code are attached as well for the geeky peers.

Current Affairs (Singapore)

Now, as we prepare to delve into the market chart analysis, I am particularly eager to observe how well it performs when presented with an image from the Straits Times Article dated October 8, 2023.

The outcomes:

From my perspective, this is truly remarkable.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the highlights :

Whether this Multi-model can tell us the current SPX trend that we are in

SPX Market Trend

A perfect justification for dollar-averaging invest folk.

As for active investor, let’s Zoom in the current market condition – Oct 2023 [SPX Market Trend]

What amazed me here are the risk management sentence it had generated.

This is truly remarkable, particularly for individuals who are just embarking on their journey into technical analysis and for seasoned veterans seeking rapid insights. It represents a game-changing development delivered at lightning speed.

While AI is a valuable tool, it is not omnipotent and does have its limitations. Therefore, I recommend verifying its results with your own understanding before relying solely on it.

As a consistent advocate, I recommend embracing AI in conjunction with your personal domain expertise to gain a competitive advantage if you have not done so.

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